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Everyone has a universe, a world. Here is my world, with choices and consequences. I don't know where the beginning is, if I chose or I was chosen, it is certain that I always liked the shapes and I tried to make them as I perceived them. I mainly sculpt in wood, I like his warmth and the relationship you have to create with him. Papier mache is another technique that suits the topics I approach and, as a result, I use it often. The decorative mask and the commedia dell’arte mask have always preoccupied me, masks were among my first works and will probably be among my last. The clown subject naturally emerged as a fulfillment of the character Harlequin in the comedy dell’arte in ronde-bosse. The nude and the torso are themes that hide in them the charm of the eternal feminine, inexhaustible and always contemporary. Chess, the game as art, is a contrast between the fears of the night and the silence of the day, it is a theme that gathers in a harmonious mixture fantastic characters. After all, technique doesn't matter, theme doesn't matter, current doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that when you leave this site, you will be richer with a moment of joy.

Personal exhibitions

Liviu Bora


2010 - The mask - Cluj-Napoca Maison Maitresse Store

1994 - Alien faces - Students Cultural House Cluj-Napoca

1995 -  The cube - Puck Puppet Theatre of Cluj-Napoca

1997 - Sculpture - National Theatre of Târgu-Mures

2010 - The mask - Cluj-Napoca Maison Maitresse Store

2011 - The walnut story - Cluj-Napoca Maison Maitresse Store

Collective exhibitions

2011 – Pour Femme

2.03.-30.03  2011

The ARC Bucuresti

1990 –The Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art –Del Bello Galery Toronto

1990 – Exhibition Gallery Bastion of Cluj-Napoca

2011 – Pour Femme by Dorin Negrau Exhibition – 2.03-30.03 The ARC Bucuresti, 11.04.-06.05 Cafepedia Bucuresti, 8.06 -24.06 Maitresse Maison Store Cluj-Napoca

2012 - Parallax Art Fair Londra  octomber

2021 - Semifinalist ARTBOX.PPROJECT World 1.0  04.01-

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Liviu Bora


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1994 -1996, 2005 - 2006 - Sculpture dolls Puck Puppet Theatre of Cluj-Napoca

1995 - Commedia dell 'arte masks for the students of the Faculty of Theatre of Cluj-Napoca

1999 - Commedia dell 'arte masks for the show Arlecchino's happening, directed by Mona Chirila - National Theatre of Targu Mures

1999 - Commedia dell 'arte masks for the show Saragosa - 66days, directed by Alexander Dabija - OdeonTheatre Bucharest

2005 -  Dolls for the show Europe cabaret, directed by Aleksandar Dundjekovic - Hungarian Theatre of Cluj-Napoca

2005 -  Scenery for the show Micimacko, directed by Ildiko Kovacs - Puck Puppet Theatre of Cluj-Napoca

2006 - Commedia dell 'arte masks for the show Arlechino&Co., directed by Gelu Badea - Theatre of  Baia Mare

2007 - Puppets for the show Quartet, directed byTompa Gabor- Hungarian Theatre of Cluj-Napoca


2015 - Scenography and puppets for the show “ If I have been Matia Corvin" (Ha en lennék Matyas Kiraly), directed by Urmanczy Jeno - PuckPuppets Theater Cluj-Napoca

directed by Urmanczy Jeno - PuckPuppets Theater Cluj-Napoca

by Alexandra Furnea, March 15, 2011
There is no man who has not been touched by the drama of the scene of the beginning of the chess game between Antonius Blok and Death in the movie "The Seventh Seal" by the famous Ingmar Bergman. two players and the atmosphere of a gloomy poem. It is about the splendid chess pieces handled by the characters, pieces so expressive that they seem alive. the chess?
All that can be said is that the artist has made some pieces that far exceed the usual purpose and expressiveness of conventional queens and shabby kings. Titled "Dracula's Warriors", the pieces take on a life and an identity of their own, becoming true characters. Thus, each game becomes a land confrontation between two rival individuals and players can deceive themselves, at least for an hour, that they are engaged in a action that can change the course of ordinary life.In this sense, Liviu Bora's sculptures involve you in a complex set of spells, revealing the magical valences of everyday objects.
The chess set is just one aspect of the sculptor's creation, whose favorite material is wood (walnut, linden, yew, patinated, polished, stained, passed through the skillful hands of the craftsman). Author of some fascinating series of masks, as well as various statuettes, but also of some furniture objects, the artist stands out by cultivating an original aesthetic. Using a complex plastic idiom, which draws its sap from the primitive imaginary, the Gothic but also the Baroque, Liviu Bora gives birth to creations that have the power to enchant. The sculptor approaches ancient themes such as "Apollo and Daphne", various nudes but also theatrical characters such as clowns. On the other hand, he collaborates passionately with many theaters in the country, making either dolls or masks for various shows.
Liviu Bora is a unique artist, a follower of the most material and "sensual" of the visual arts. The sculptor proves to be a skilled craftsman of wood, treating it gently and taking out the spirit through the shapes he manages to carve. Liviu Bora's work cannot remain indifferent to their enormous expressive power: whether it be masks, chess pieces or themed sculptures, the artist's creations are evidence of the capacity of matter to come to life through human touch. he dresses in various masks that the talent of the creator can spread over them to give them a meaning that can be understood by the human eye.Liviu Bora is a creator of chimeras, or truths, made tangible by the artist's desire to model representations of the world which he has inside.

 Demostene Sopfron, January 26, 2011

It's a fascinating story, one that introduces us to into a world less known to us, more known by the specialists. Is the universe proposed by the sculptor Liviu Bora, a name with which we are already familiarize. We are because the  main reference points of the artistic experiences are found in            collective exhibitions (The Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Del Bello Gallery,Toronto,1990; Bastion Gallery, 1990),in  personal exhibitions ('Alien Faces', Students' house of culture, 1994, 'Cube' Puppet Theatre    'Puck',1995, 'Sculpture', Tirgu Mures National Theatre, 1997, 'Mask', Maitresse Maison, 2010),    prestigious collaborations with Puppet Theatre 'Puck' Cluj-Napoca (1994 - 1996; 2005 - 2006), Tirgu  Mures National Theatre (the show 'Harlequin's happening, "directed by Mona Chirila),  Odeon Theatre ('  Saragosa - 66 days', directed by Alexandru Dabija),  Hungarian Theatre Cluj - Napoca (show 'Cabaret  Europe', 2005, directed by Aleksandar Dundjekovic; show 'Quartet', directed by Gabor Tompa, 2007),  Baia Mare Municipal Theatre (show 'Harlequin & Co', directed by Gelu Badea, 2006).I mentioned this  not by chance, I remembered that because  Liviu Bora needs to be  pursued through the prism of its rich and diverse artistic activities. Activity  of which is not missing the classic approaches, and then we talk about commedia dell'arte’s masks, but also the  forms, simplified   and brought down to essences. A accession to the concepts of Brancusi, whith  the embodiments that catch  from the first sight.That is why I am convinced that the ranks written by Brancusi fits to Bora Liviu fit, quote, "Direct Carving is the real path to sculpture, and also the worst for those who don’t know how to walk. After all, direct or indirect carving doesn’t mean anything, it matter  only the thing done."   And the thing done means  a fascinating story of which not missing portraits and allegorical figures - Igor, Goldfish, Snake Sax, Idol (Tapu), Venus from Kanyo, King, Clown, Little Venus, Girl with bird in her hair, Idol (Miki ), Caryatids, Cry, Flowers of evil, Shadow, Thorns, Green leaf  - so many perfections of executions, symbols, references and messages clearly expressed.Overlapping man - artist offers by the  sixteen works - important to recall the artistic images which accompanies and enrich the exhibition - relevant data about the walnut tree, rightfully considered the King of the trees by massive crown, strong trunk, smooth gray bark, large dark green and aromatic leaves. It is the Walnut story through the uses in furniture industry, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, food, weapons,  artistic uses (musical instruments) or medicinal, ecological, another reason to 'read' carefully walnut story. Written by an  inspired, original, deeply  artist. 

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